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We use micro surface engineering of friction to optimize grip or slip performance of interface materials and operating conditions.

Our grip solutions have unique value:

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  • High grip when wet. “The wetter the better”

  • Formed during device manufacturing, typically using existing manufacturing processes

  • No added chemicals, coatings or materials

  • Usually made of the same material as the current OEM device

  • Never sticky, abrasive or aggressive

  • Offers a simple route for device qualification; often 510(k)

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Hoowaki MicroGrip® Family

These innovative micro patterns grip delicate internal and external tissue without causing damage!

By adding MicroGrip® or MicroGripBio® to your molds or tooling,  your medical devices will allow doctors to more securely place implanted devices, such as stents, without the use of sutures, hooks or adhesives. 

Hoowaki® Low Friction Surfaces for Vascular Catheters and Tubing

Hoowaki® low friction surfaces on your medically approved plastic and rubber devices :

  • Eliminate PTFE

  • Eliminate coatings

  • Simplify regulatory approval

  • Without polluting chemicals

Extrusion die to make low friction catheter tubing

Extrusion die to make low friction catheter tubing


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