Welcome to Hoowaki® the leader in high friction micro surfaces. We're here to transform your products with our unique technology. 


Founded in 2008 Hoowaki® launched its groundbreaking work under the roof of the Clemson University Applied Sciences Building. We began working on water repelling micro surfaces, but decided to shift our focus to other markets. Since then we have developed and solved high grip and low friction product performance specifications. We have developed a library of hundreds of micro surfaces to solve almost any friction problem. In 2016 we outgrew our space at Clemson and moved to a new facility, the NEXT Manufacturing Center in Greenville, SC.

 In 2019, The market demand continues to create commercialization partnerships for high performance micro surfaces for gripping in extreme and high value environments.  These include micro surfaces for packaging applications with HAVI, with BvW Holdings AG for medical device applications and Wellesley Textile Technologies for fabric applications.

Hoowaki LLC has pioneered the design and manufacture of patented micro surface architectures to enable frequently encountered traction, balancing, gripping and grasping challenges to be carried out with less strain and more control.  Valuable commercial applications for non-slip surfaces in wet, dry, dusty, icy situations are only limited by your imagination.  A few of the many examples are posted in the video section. Hoowaki manufactures MicroGrip surfaced materials and also licenses MicroGrip for applications to companies seeking to add unique quality and performance to their products.      

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