Hoowaki Technology Transforms Surfaces at the Mesoscopic Scale

Hoowaki has developed a breakthrough surface forming technology to unleash the engineering potential at the meso scale. We can create surfaces with specific features in the mesoscopic scale, or from 0.8 microns to 0.4mm in size. Dozens to millions of these features act together to provide any number of different surface properties than those of the original material, such as greatly reduced sliding friction, surface tension, and tackiness.

Our unique surfaces are created by directly modifying the extrusion or molding tooling that produces the product. They are applied at the meso level directly to areas of the tool, and transferred into the final product during extrusion or molding. This technology requires no additional materials, such as coatings like PTFE, and requires few if any adjustments to the manufacturing process.


Depending on the application, we use our modeling program to determine the optimum surface feature for your specific need, such as increasing lubricity, controlling surface tension, lowering friction, lowering tack, and increasing hydrophobicity.


Hoowaki has already designed surfaces that have improved performance for:

Vascular and urinary catheters, rhythm management lead covers,  valves and syringes


Automotive extruded and molded seals

Wire and cable jackets and conduits

High pressure hose



Please contact us today to apply our technology to your new or existing product. 

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