Research & Product Development

Let Hoowaki help you in developing a new product or enhancing an existing one.

Our staff of research associates can utilize their unique knowledge of surface technologies to help you improve performance or develop an entirely new product. Hoowaki has a deep understanding of designing surfaces to optimize friction and tribology for a wide range of operating conditions and materials. We solve challenging product development and manufacturing problems.

Why work with Hoowaki?


  • World-class base of friction and surface tension knowledge
  • Unique technology that you can use in your existing manufacturing line
  • Expertise in transforming the surfaces of many common materials to achieve performance attributes without coatings
  • Expertise with stimulation, modeling and surface design
  • 200+ library of microstructure patterns for most any application
  • We can produce your product, provide you with dies or license our technology


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To learn more, see our research on microstructured surfaces, even when curved.

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Water droplets on rubber

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