Hoowaki technology provides a unique solution to improving the performance of medical devices.

By modifying the surface of polymers and metals commonly used in the production of medical devices we can:


  • Control friction and surface tension without coatings like PTFE
  • Improve lubricity in thermoplastic and silicone tubing
  • Design surfaces based on a specific application
  • Increase flow and drainage
  • Increase the value of the product due to improved performance


We have engineered plastics like HDPE to outperform PTFE. For example we have created tubing for vascular and neurovascular catheters that eliminate the inner PTFE or silicone lubricant layer by modifying the extrusion dies to apply a unique micro surface on the product.

Because our proprietary microstructure solutions do not add coatings or chemicals to your device, you don’t have to be concerned about regulatory requirements.

Develop a new molded or extruded product or enhance an existing one:


  • Vascular catheters
  • Urinary catheters and urethral stents
  • Lead wire covers and medical cable jackets
  • Tubing of all types
  • Valves, fittings, seals
  • Dilators and sheaths
  • Graspers and retractors
  • Contact lens and ocular implant devices and packaging


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Reduced sliding friction for catheters

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