Control friction and surface tension

Control Friction and Surface Tension

Hoowaki’s proprietary technology allows the product engineer to adjust friction, surface tension and other performance attributes independent of the base material. Once the desired attributes are determined, we run these through our modeling program to determine the optimum surface feature that will achieve the highest results. This assures you of the performance of the new surface.


We Can Help You with the Following Material Attributes:


Increase or decrease friction


  • Reduce tack
  • Eliminate parasitic sticking 
  • Reduce migration
  • Eliminate stick / slip
  • Control sliding friction
  • Increase grip and control


Increase or decrease surface tension


  • Super hydrophobicity
  • Hydrophilic, oleophilic
  • Improved spreading and adhesion of coatings


If you don't see an attribute you want to control, contact us and our team of research and development professionals will assist you. 


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Tubing slides easily with Hoowaki surfaces
Low-friction tubing slides easily into place



Extrusion die with microstructured product

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