Solving surface problems with microstructures

Cable engineered for low friction and easy pulling

Hoowaki transforms the surfaces of common materials through micro technology on extruded and molded products and processes. We reduce sliding friction and control surface tension along with other custom capabilities. Using our proprietary technology, Hoowaki creates micro structured surfaces on your industrial tooling to create micron-sized features on the polymer and metal surfaces of your products.

We can work with you by:

Helping you develop a new product

Enhancing the performance of your existing product

Modifying your existing molding and extrusion dies

Creating and producing a product based on your specifications

Licensing our technology for your use

Hoowaki’s unique technology grew from the ground breaking work of Professor William P. King at the Nanoengineering Laboratory at the University of Illinois. This micro molding technology was born form the connection between micro fabrication and industrial manufacturing.


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